Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Loseta Installation !!!

Gypsy Dance Rock Mix is a project for the space La Loseta , curated by artist Radames Juni Figueroa at his place in San Juan Puerto Rico. The project consist of 12 guest artist and curators responding to the invitation by Radames to interact at his space. The outcome of the whole 12 shows will be published on a book wile the space and the " gallery" will disappear for good .
The installation consisted of a screening of the film Ase ere de je which is a lip singing /dance home recorded performance by Esther Planas wile listening to the major  viral successful song ASEREJE , a bottle of spanish wine containing fake spanish flowers, a container with Tinto de Verano a punch called Gypsy , and a series of detourned . tunned, manipulated posters on topic photoshop from films related to the topic of Quinqui Cinema ....
The video manipulation on I movie , as a playful , home made youtube specimen of the so many at the moment is a comment  on other new media works and the soft blurry line that divides art from non art .
As part of the show, there was a specially selected DJ YOuTube by Esther Planas of songs and films related to the theme and a blog for any one up for research

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